First off, thank you for all the hard work you put into this tryout.  Many of you worked throughout the open gym season to better your skills.  We are impressed and grateful that you love this game enough to put such effort forward.

Many of you are not going to see your name listed below.  As a Coaching Staff we argue, fight, debate, worry, stress….until a consensus is reached.  If you didn’t make it, hold your head high and move forward.  We feel your disappointment, but know that life moves on with new opportunities.

Congratulations to the following individuals for making the 2017 Maple Mountain Golden Eagles Roster


Tyson Ellis

Peyton Pond

Tito Dennison

Kaleb Peterson

Tyler Boyack

Jeff Sevy

Blake Davis

Karter Shaw

Kaden Beal


Dawson Hall

Jake Roberts

Collin Reid

Mikey Peterson

Jarrett McAllister

Justin Hartman

Ben Peterson

Hansley Peay

Warren Averrett

Devin McQuivey


Hunter Shaw

Jake Walker

Ethan Bergstrom

Mason Pond

Kyle Patterson

Dylan Boyer

David Ruiz

Stephen Barney

Ezra Pendleton


2017 FRESHMAN FINAL ROSTER- If your name is on this list, congratulations, you have made the Maple Mountain Baseball Team. Please check this page again early next week to find out the details of your first practice.

Brock Ashman

Christian Bainter

Rowdy Barker

Orlando Corona

Hunter Groo

Ammon Larsen

Easton Liddiard

Matt Money

Ethan Morgan

Logan Nielson

Mitch Peterson

Paxton Pommerening

Bailey Reno

Jayden Roberts

Connor Seamons

Carson Standiford